What Is A phoneHODL?

Watch this video by the creator to find out:

Why Do I Need A phoneHODL?

  • If you drop your phone, it will cushion the blow, likely saving its screen and other internal components

  • It will pull the phone towards you if it falls out of your pocket anywhere you sit, like in a car or at a restaurant, so you are much less likely to lose it

  • It attaches the phone to your belt, something that pickpocket thieves do not expect - this will make your phone a little bit harder to steal and can give you enough reaction time to stop the thief

What Features Does The phoneHODL Have? 

  • Extendable yoyo cord that retracts towards the owner

  • Elegant carabiner ring that can attach to belt loops, purse straps, backpack shoulder straps and anything else your imagination can conjure up!

  • The yoyo base includes a clothing clip that makes it easily attachable to your preferred garment

  • A key-ring hook that can grab on to key rings, various parts of some phone cases and lanyard loops

  • A key-ring that fits around any pop socket

  • A finger key-ring between the yoyo and the hook that comfortably fits your hand for a stronger grip

  • Top grain pull-up leather tanned in León de Guanajuato, Mexico in black/dark blue

  • It smells amazing like real leather should smell 

  • Two-sided design, one with a button accent and the other without so you can choose your look

  • Yoyo and leather strap are separable for when you want to stop HODLing your phone with a simple and secure pop out system

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How Do I Attach My phoneHODL To My Phone With A Pop Socket?


1. Squeeze Method:

2. Pop Off Method:

Payment and Shipping

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Returns & Refunds

If you're unhappy with your phoneHODL for any reason, please don't hesitate to email us at phonehodl@gmail.com and we will work it out.